Bank debit (aka Direct Debit) is a great way to collect recurring payments without the hassle of credit cards. With GoCardless, the usual bank debit paperwork is eliminated. WPdirectdebit allows you to place a form on your website to set up a bank mandate and a recurring payment schedule via GoCardless.

For one-off payments, WPdirectdebit also includes the option to use Instant Bank Pay from GoCardless (where available) and PayTo (for Australia). Instant Bank Pay and PayTo are designed to complement bank debit using open banking. These bank-to-bank payments are confirmed instantly, so if you are running an online store you can more confidently ship goods or allow access to your online content straight away.

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Legacy Documentation

If you have WPdirectdebit V1.0 installed, please refer to the documentation available here:


Try Instant Bank Pay and make a one-time donation to The Trussell Trusta charity supporting over 1,200 food banks with the mission of ending hunger and food insecurity in the UK. One-hundred percent of your donation will go to charity.