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It’s GoCardless for WordPress

Collect instant one-off payments, set up recurring payments and verified mandates, all from your WordPress website with our WPdirectdebit WordPress plugin. WPdirectdebit leverages Open Banking via GoCardless, avoiding credit card complexities and high card processing fees.

Create recurring payments easily

Debit and credit cards are less than perfect for recurring payments. They expire regularly or are lost and replaced, causing payments to fail. Worse still, card transaction fees can be expensive. Bank debit offers a good alternative to card payments, especially for recurring payments.

With WPdirectdebit, customers can set up their recurring payments by completing a form on your WordPress-based website. Using the power and flexibility of Gravity Forms, you can offer a choice of payment intervals, free trials, joining fees and much more. WPdirectdebit processes the information collected, and communicates with GoCardless to set up the payments.

GoCardless transaction fees are low. Plus, with Verified Mandates from GoCardless the risk of fraud is substantially reduced.

Use Verified Mandates to reduce the risk of fraud

If you’re signing up lots of new customers every day, how do you know they are who they say they are without adding unnecessary friction to the checkout experience?

WPdirectdebit supports GoCardless Verified Mandates, which means you can now verify your customers and set up a new bank debit mandate at the same time. Powered by Open Banking, customers will be connected to their mobile app or online banking login where they can instantly authenticate their bank details.

Verified Mandates helps you verify new customers at scale. Perfect if you offer a free trial for new customers. And, if your subscriptions are particularly high value, Verified Mandates gives you better peace of mind to deliver goods and services quickly.

Verified mandates and WPdirectdebit

Take one-off payments, instantly

If you accept payments from customers in the UK, Germany or Australia, WPdirectdebit offers one-off payments via GoCardless Instant Bank Pay (UK, Germany) and PayTo (Australia). The customer uses their banking app or online banking account to verify the payment and the money is transferred to you almost straight away. One-off payments via Bank Debit is available for customers outside these countries. International payments info

Reduce your fees

Typically 54% cheaper than online card transactions.

Instant confirmation

This bank-to-bank payment offers real-time confirmation for you and your payers.

Taking payments in Australia

WPdirectdebit supports BECS payments via GoCardless, and now also offers PayTo.

What is PayTo?

  • PayTo is an easy, digital way for customers to pay you directly from their bank account. PayTo gives them visibility and control as they can see and manage their PayTo agreements in their internet or mobile banking app.

Using PayTo:

  • Your customers can set up a PayTo agreement using their BSB and account number, or better still, their PayID which makes it easier to set up payments on the spot.
  • You’ll be able to use PayTo to accept all kinds of payments including recurring bills that were typically paid through direct debit, or in-app and online purchases that previously relied on a card. WPdirectdebit currently supports one-off purchases via GoCardless, with more options to follow soon.

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