WPdirectdebit now requires php8.1 or above. This is because the latest GoCardless libraries require this.

Notifications added: Instant Bank Payment created; PayTo payment created; Mandate created; Recurring payment created. Please use these in place of the existing Billing request flow completed notification.

Greece (GR) added as a valid country code.

Currency option removed from feed settings for PayTo.

Licence setting added to settings page. Licence can be activated from here.

Software updates now handled by Easy Digital Downloads instead of bespoke updater.



Success confirmation messages were limited to 256 chars and would not allow html.
Now extended to 1000 chars, html permitted.


v2.0 is a major upgrade; do not update to v2.0 without checking this changelog.

If you decide to upgrade to v2.0 there are several things you’ll need to do:

  • Set up the plugin to use the new settings – the user guide explains these;
  • Re-enter and re-save the feeds for each of your payment forms, as the feed settings have changed – again, see the user guide;
  • Update your form’s confirmation settings from page redirection to text confirmations only. Redirecting to a page will prevent the new GoCardless javascript drop-in from working. The form feed has new settings to take care of page redirections if required;
  • You may find you need to reconnect to GoCardless. To do this in live mode, you will need your GoCardless account login details. Until you have reconnected, your site will not be able to set up new payments, so don’t upgrade until you have the required login.

New features

All payments and mandates now go via the new GoCardless Billing Requests API.

The GoCardless javascript drop-in replaces the GoCardless hosted payment pages. This is a much faster and neater interface and means the user is never directed away from your site.

Support for PayTo (Australia only).

Support for Verified Mandates (where available).

Support for verification levels.

A single encryption key is now used instead of two, simplifying installation.

The IBP + recurring payments feed option now supports different amounts for the IBP and the recurring payment, making joining fees simple to implement.

The IBP + recurring payments feed option supports the value ‘one-off’ as a payment interval. In this case, no recurring payment is set up, and a single payment is made by Instant Bank Pay. This means that the same form can be used for both single and recurring payments.

Support for Purpose Codes (PayTo).

Support for Authorisation Source (ACH).

Enhancements to the WPdirectdebit settings page which now includes a Payments tab and the ability to list all payments for a given customer.

Features dropped

Exchange rates are calculated only when needed and not stored in the database. This is a much simpler solution and means there is no further need for the CRON task so this has been removed. The downside is that you can no longer set your own exchange rates.

Webhooks are no longer supported, but with the new billing requests API they are no longer essential for setting up recurring payments. Installation is simpler and the database does not need to store webhooks any more; there is less to maintain.

As Webhooks are no longer used, no events are stored in your database, and you no longer have the ability to inspect events from your WordPress dashboard. Events can still be inspected via your GoCardless dashboard.

The ability to register new users has been removed in the interests of simplicity and enhanced security. If you definitely require this, get in touch.



Country filter now only affects WPdirectdebit forms not any  gravity form.

Payment reference now correctly passed to GoCardless.

Now checks for the existence of a feed before obtaining the feed slug, in case no feed has been set up.

No longer uses value returned by update_option as a success/fail indicator for save_access_token, because it isn’t.

Now tests for missing address lines in order to remove spurious commas in output.

Instant Bank Pay billing request now does not request a mandate each time, unless also setting up a recurring payment.

For billing requests, the Select_institution event is now ignored instead of logged as an error.

Added function process_creditors_event() to handle creditors events.

Language support now works.

When connecting to GoCardless, the GoCardless account holder user must be logged in to wpdirectdebit.com

New features

Exit URI added to instant bank pay to make it easier for customers to be returned to a relevant page if they cancel their application.

User-defined query strings can now be passed to the confirmation page.

New logos replace old ones due to rebranding.

Test for valid IBP currency from an array of currencies, not just UK.

Changed default setting from live to sandbox mode.

Languages – .PO, .MO and .POT files updated; German language support added.

Exchange rates are now set immediately upon connection to GoCardless instead of waiting up to 12 hours for the CRON task to get around to it.