This guide only applies to WPdirectdebit v1.0. If you have purchased v2.0 see the separate user guide.

Bank debit (also known as Direct Debit) is a great way to collect payments. With a GoCardless account and WPdirectdebit installed on your website, you can place a form on your site to take customer orders, without the hassle of credit cards, nor the need to obtain paper-based signed forms from your customers. Customers can verify they have access to the bank account using their banking app on their phones or via online banking.

WPdirectdebit also includes the option to use Instant Bank Pay from GoCardless (where available) and PayTo (for Australia). Instant Bank Pay and PayTo are designed to complement bank debit. These bank-to-bank payments are confirmed instantly, so if you are running an online store you can more confidently ship goods or allow access to your online content straight away.

Instant Bank Pay can be combined with a recurring payment, so you can take an upfront payment at the same time as you set up a subscription.

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