You can decide whether a customer can create an account when they make a purchase or set up a subscription. If you enable new account creation, then you can add a field to your form and, in the form’s feed settings, you can map this field to the username for the new account. When the form is processed, an account will be set up for the customer. The customer’s GoCardless customer reference will be associated with their user account and will be used for subsequent transactions, simplifying the payment process as they are then pre-authorised to make purchases.

Here you can set the role the user should be assigned when a new account is created. Typically it would be Subscriber, but if you have custom roles defined, it can be any of these roles. Whatever roles you have defined, they will appear automatically in this drop-down menu.

You can control who will receive a notification by email when a new user account is registered by WPdirectdebit. The choices are User only, Admin only, User and Admin or Nobody.

Unless you have modified WordPress to do something different, this notification email contains a login link and enables the new user to create their password. If you disable this user email notification, the user will not be able to login and you must set up their password for them and get it to them by some other route. So the normal choice would be between User only, or User and Admin.

Don’t confuse these new user notification emails with the notifications that may be sent by Gravity Forms when a form is completed. Gravity Forms has a comprehensive notifications feature that is enabled from the Notifications tab on every form you create. However these notifications would not contain the link to create a password, so they do not replace the new user email notifications.

If the basic new user registration emails sent out by WordPress are not sophisticated enough for you, there are a number of plugins available elsewhere that will allow you to tailor these with your brand logo and colours etc. and add in extra information you might want to include. Bear in mind you can also provide additional information via the Gravity Forms notifications.