WPdirectdebit 2.0 is now available. It’s a major update! We believe WPdirectdebit 2.0 is the best direct debit plugin for GoCardless by some distance. Let’s look at what’s new.

The big changes

The main difference is that WPdirectdebit 2.0 makes full use of the new GoCardless billing request API for Instant Bank Payments, Direct Debit payment subscriptions and mandate set-ups. Here’s how GoCardless are positioning this API change:

We have massively simplified the integration experience by:

  • Presenting the building blocks to a much more guided and streamlined payment flow by using the latest open banking technology.
  • Created an optimised payment flow for your customers to experience
  • Given you access to any new open banking-related features released in the future.

  • You will have access to the following features:

  • Scheduled, recurring payments – Bank Debt

  • Instant payments – Instant Bank Pay

  • Our latest anti-fraud open banking features – Verified Mandates, Protect+

The familiar GoCardless hosted payment pages are no longer used – instead we now use the GoCardless javascript drop-in which displays as a window opening in front of your payment page. The customer may be asked to authorise the payment using their banking app or to log into online banking. This adds a valuable extra level of security to the transaction set-up.

For WPdirectdebit 2.0, we’ve taken the opportunity to simplify the app making it more focused on its main job of collecting payments and setting up mandates. One difference is that the creation of user accounts is no longer supported. If you make use of this feature then you may decide not to update for now. If this will present a big problem for you then talk to use, we will do our best to help.

Overall, we’re excited to offer a WordPress direct debit plugin that offers so much, while integrating with the latest GoCardless software. If youj’d like any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our WPdirectdebit pre-sales support form.