You can continue to use any other payment method, and benefit from a number of advantages from using WPdirectdebit as well:

  • Low fees: GoCardless fees are low at just 1% plus 20p per transaction in the UK (taxes may apply).
  • Control: WPdirectdebit payments are via Direct Debit – many people feel more in control of their money when they pay by this method because they are covered by the Direct Debit guarantee. They can easily review their payments and subscriptions via the bank and you can even offer them a way to review these on your website. We provide shortcodes you can drop into a page to create an account page for customers.
  • Chargebacks: Chargeback fees don’t exist with Direct Debits (but you should always ensure your customers contractually agree to pay you, as banks are likely to refund disputed payments).

Or you could decide just to use WPdirectdebit:

  • Simpler admin: Since WPdirectdebit makes it easy to set up recurring payments and one-off payments, why not simplify your site maintenance by just using WPdirectdebit for all your transactions. By doing so you can also view all of your customers’ payments and subscriptions in one place – in the GoCardless dashboard.
  • International: GoCardless covers 30 countries and 8 currencies. Visit GoCardless for more details on international payments.