Once you you have WPdirectdebit installed and working for you, there are several ways you can monitor the work it is doing for you.

Notes on form entries

WPdirectdebit annotates form entries in response to events such as a mandate being activated. You can view these on the Entry detail page for a given form. (https://docs.gravityforms.com/entry-detail/) It’s a useful place to look to check on the status of a subscription or payment.

Here’s an example:

This form was used to create a recurring payment (in this case a test payment in sandbox mode). The GoCardless customer ID has been added to the link. The customer ID is hotlinked directly to the Customer record in your GoCardless sandbox account.

The User Profile

From the Users page, click the Edit link below the name of any user. Then scroll down to GoCardless Account.

If the user is logged in when their customer record is created, the GoCardless customer ID is saved in the user profile. Click ‘View Customer’ to be taken directly to the customer record in your GoCardless account.


Every form that you design can have notifications set up to keep you and others informed of relevant events. Normally this would include an admin notification when a form is completed, and a copy of the entry can also be sent to the user via another notification.

You can resend notifications via the Entry detail page. Perhaps a customer accidentally deleted their notification email or there was an email delivery problem.

Monitoring payments, customers and payouts

From the WPdirectdebit settings page, you can access data on your customers, their payment and your payouts. For further information on any customer or payout, click the ID in the first column; this links straight through to the corresponding record in your GoCardless dashboard.

You can scroll through the information using the Earlier and Later buttons.

If you see a small flag in the tab, this means there is new information since you last reviewed it.

Initially, of course, the list will be empty.