Make collecting membership fees simpler, cheaper, and stress-free.

Benefits of GoCardless

  • Flexible options for payment collection – Collect fees on any day.
  • Reduce failed payments – Successfully collect 97.1% of membership payments first time.
  • Less admin – Easily setup and automate payment collection. No manual uploads; GoCardless is fully online and connected to WPdirectdebit. Spend 90% less hours on managing payments, with GoCardless.
  • Transparent fees – No setup costs, commitments, or penalty fees for failed payments. GoCardless lowers the total cost to accept payments by 56%.

How GoCardless works with WPdirectdebit

Using GoCardless to collect membership fees via Direct Debit is easy:

  1. One-time customer setup – Your customer enters their details into a form on your website. Secure payment details are collected by GoCardless, authorising you to collect payments from their bank account via Direct Debit. These details are not entered directly into your website so you don’t need to worry about that.
  2. Payment collected automatically – On the due date, payment is collected automatically, and reconciled.

GoCardless vs. card payments

  • Consumers often prefer Direct Debit over card payments.
  • Card payment fees can be up to several percent. GoCardless is often cheaper (see pricing below).
  • Card payments fail on average 7.9% of the time. GoCardless’s average failure rate is just 2.9% for Direct Debit.
  • Cards can get lost, stolen, or expire. GoCardless processes payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts, which don’t.


  • Integrates seamlessly with WPdirectdebit
  • Recurring payments – Automatically collect payments on time, directly from your customers’ bank accounts, with Direct Debit.
  • International payments – Collect payments from international customers and get paid out into your domestic bank account, with FX handled for you at the real market rate.
  • Intelligently retry failed payments – Predict and manage payment failures automatically. Recover, on average, 70% of failed payments.
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Real-time reporting in your WordPress dashboard
  • Compliance obligations covered
Verified mandates and WPdirectdebit


Domestic payments (UK) collected with GoCardless cost just 1% + 20p, capped at £4.

An additional fee of 0.3% applies to Direct Debit payments above £2,000, only on the portion of the transaction above the £2,000 threshold.

For full and up to date information, visit GoCardless’s pricing page.

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