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Freedom? Why do we say that?

We talk about freedom because you are not constrained by what you sell. If it can be described on a form, you’re in business.  You can use WPdirectdebit to set up payments in all the countries where GoCardless operates. That’s most of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Create a form using Gravity Forms, match the fields to their function, and place the form on the page. That’s pretty much it. Great for club fees, charity donations, online catalogue shopping, paywall sites and many, many more applications.

Sell memberships

A sports club wishes to collect monthly membership fees. With WPdirectdebit it’s easy to create an application form that sets up the recurring payment and sends notifications by email when a new member joins. WPdirectdebit can also create an account for each new member, all from the same form.

WPdirectdebit on a smartphone for a membership agreement application
WPdirectdebit on a smartphone for a music downloads application

A musician wishes to sell downloads of her music. She creates a simple form with just an email address field and a ‘buy now’ button using Gravity Forms and adds the form to a page on her website. When a music fan completes the form, WPdirectdebit will create the single payment either using Instant Bank Pay (UK only for now) or by setting up a Direct Debit mandate and a payment. The fan will receive an email which could contain a download link to the music; alternatively the music file could be sent as an attachment to the email.

Sell downloads

Complex order forms

A restaurant wishes to taken orders online. The restaurateur uses Gravity Forms to turn the menu into an order form. Gravity Forms makes it easy to set up multiple products on the same form using standard fields for products with options to add quantities per item, shipping costs and a total. Delivery addresses can also be captured. Customer details may be saved making it faster for the returning customer to order next time. Notifications can be sent by email to the customer, to the kitchen and to the delivery driver.

WPdirectdebit on a smartphone for a resstaurant menu ordering application
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