Direct Debit for WordPress, powered by GoCardless


The hassle-free way to collect recurring and one-off payments.

Recurring payments made easy

Debit and credit cards expire regularly or are lost and replaced, causing recurring payments to fail. Worse still, card transaction fees can be expensive. Bank debit doesn’t have these pitfalls. Bank debit is a good alternative to card payments, especially for recurring payments.

But setting up bank payments online has not been straight forward, especially if you don’t know the amount to be taken in advance. That’s why we introduced WPdirectdebit for WordPress websites. It works with Gravity Forms to make it easy for the customer to enter all the information you require. The form can total up the amount, accept quantities, offer a choice of payment intervals and much more. WPdirectdebit can even handle one-off payments, making it the one-stop solution for many merchants who use WordPress.

Just 1% + 20p per transaction.

(typical cost)


  • No need for credit card or PayPal integrations to take one-off payments, recurring payments and payment by instalments.
  • Simplify repeat purchases – WPdirectdebit can create accounts for your users, linked to their customer record in your GoCardless account.
  • UK users can benefit from Open Banking to take instant payments.

Low fees

  • GoCardless transaction fees are low. Merchants typically pay just 1% + 20p per transaction (Taxes may apply).
  • No hidden currency conversion fees.
  • Visit our Register page for details of WPdirectdebit licensing fees.

Flexible amounts and custom payment schedules.


  • Accept payments on weekly, monthly or annual schedules. Plus custom schedules like every 6 weeks or every 3 months.
  • Fix the payments yourself or let the customer choose how much to pay, how often and how many times – ideal for donations. You can even allow the customer to choose their own start date or monthly payment day
  • Offer trial periods of up to a year.

More secure

  • UK users can combine instant payments via Open Banking with Direct Debit payment schedules. Ship with confidence, with no waiting around for the first payment.
  • You never see, store or transmit your customers’ bank details, reducing your exposure to risk. It’s all handled by GoCardless via their own payment pages.

8 payment schemes,
30 countries.


  • Collect funds from up to 30 countries around the globe with GoCardless borderless payments.
  • Accept payments in up to 8 international payment schemes including BACS, SEPA, ACH and BECS.

Stay informed

  • Be notified of significant events such as failed payments.
  • See data on your most recent customers, payouts, and refunds directly in your WordPress dash.
  • Transaction events are added as notes to every form entry, so you can see the status of any order.

How it works.

You create your purchase form using Gravity Forms.

It can be complex, with multiple products, shipping charges, multiple addresses, discounts and coupons, etc.

Or it could be as simple as a ‘Buy now’ button.

Then you map the fields on the form to their payment functions via a WPdirectdebit form feed. It’s easy, only takes a moment and there’s no coding needed.

Finally, you compose your notification emails to keep the customer and everyone who needs to know, fully informed.

When the customer submits the purchase form, WPdirectdebit passes the mapped information over to GoCardless, and Gravity Forms sends your notifications.

WPdirectdebit can even set up new customer accounts on your website, giving you the basis of a membership system and making subsequent purchases simpler.

You might find you no longer need credit card or PayPal integrations and the complexity that goes with them.

  • Set up recurring payments and instalment plans with weekly, monthly and yearly payments

  • Take payments instantly via Open Banking (UK only)

  • Accept donations, the donor able to choose the amount to give and when to give

  • Accept payments from around the world

  • Create customer accounts

  • Be notified of failed payments

  • Easy integration with Gravity Forms

  • In our view, simply the best payment processor for WordPress.

* upper limit applies

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